short summer shorts

We’ve been debating all week what to do. Manuscripts. Plot lines. Short story collections. Web stories. E-books. Print editions. We talked, conversed and argued about all of these over coffee, tea and some great chocolate chip cookies. Decisions needed to be made. It was an intense process. We realised what we really wanted was to have all the wonderful … Continue reading short summer shorts

…3 …2 …1

First, we would like to thank everyone who has been so wonderfully supportive of our Short Summer Shorts,  you know who you are. You are the best! And, of course, there’s you, yes, you, reading this, worrying your lip, wondering – should I try? Should I send something? Should I dare? Well, why not? You are a … Continue reading …3 …2 …1


Those days without rain (mostly). An ocean breeze. Sand encrusting your feet. Looking for your sun glasses; finding them. Drop tops, convertibles Ice cream and sorbet Cocktails BBQs Bikinis Water condensing on an ice-cold bottle of beer. Surfing Waves and breakers Endless sunsets High 90s°F in the morning, 28°C at night. Hammocks Short skirts No … Continue reading summertime